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Plumber safety on the job site is our number one concern! Best Price Plumbing intends to comply with the applicable standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA), and all other applicable safety regulations.


Wisconsin State Stat. 145.06

“No person may engage in or work at plumbing in the state unless licensed to do so by the department.”

Continuing Education

All active members shall complete ten hours of continuing education during each calendar year:

  • (4) hours of Partners in Safety
  • (6) hours of state approved plumbing related classes.

Interested in becoming a plumber?

Anyone interested in becoming a plumber can apply for an apprenticeship through the Local 75 Plumbers Union.

Plumbers Local 75 –
11175 W. Parkland Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Phone: 414-359-1310
Fax: 414-359-1323

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