• Our experience with Best Price Plumbing has been so professional, affordable and effortless, that we utilized them not once, but twice on new construction and a basement remodel.  The staff is friendly and informative and the showroom is a wonderful way to see all the products available - just a beautiful display with all the leading brands.  During construction, I've found their field staff to be on time, courteous, and never leave a mess behind!  I am most impressed with their level of ongoing 24-hour service that Best Price Plumbing provides.  Fortunately, we haven't needed to call for anything major, but it's a comfort knowing they're just phone call away.  If we ever plan to build another new house, Best Price Plumbing will be our first call.

    Kurt and Holly
  • This is the place to go for excellent value, service and advice for your plumbing needs.  The sales' personnel are very knowledgeable about all of the various fixtures, the manufacturers, features, prices, delivery, etc.  For our new home they worked with us early in the process to help select the most suitable and attractive plumbing and fixtures throughout the house.  The installation people were prompt and on schedule, they put everything in the right way and they cleaned up when done.  Follow-up questions and changes were handled politely and courteously without a hassle.  We've gone back to Best Price for some additional items because they've earned our trust!

    Richard and Jo
  • “Building my first home just two years ago was both stressful and difficult at times, with all the decisions that needed to be made. Best Price Plumbing made it an easy and enjoyable experience. From the time I walked into their show room and met Ingrid, I knew I was in good hands. She was not only pleasant, but also patient as she walked and talked me through all my plumbing options. She gave me her undivided attention. Her product knowledge was absolutely amazing, she new exactly what I needed for my home by looking at plans that looked simply foreign to me. We were able to get through my entire plumbing selection process in just hours! The installation was just as good as the presale… It went flawlessly. Not to mention the ongoing service I still receive. If I have any questions or issues, I know I can call or stop by and get the same attention I did as new homebuilder.” Thank you Best Price Plumbing!

  • To Whom It May Concern (especially if your concern is plumbing) (And most particularly if you are not very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of plumbing.): Best Price Plumbing is well-named. Whether their trademark “best price” is for plumbing product, design, installation, or maintenance, Best Price Plumbing is extremely competitive. Extremely personable. Extremely terrific. Four years ago, my husband and I were the stereotype of first-time home builders. As regards plumbing, neither of us knew what was available, what was possible, what was efficient, what was code. I came to my builders, Matt and Bill Zach, with my clipping book showing photos of kitchens and bathrooms. They smiled and said, “We know where you need to go.” We were more-than-fortunate that they put us in the more-than- capable hands of Best Price Plumbing. A special shout-out to Ingrid. Boy, was she amazing. I’m not sure what her official title is: for us, she was official design consultant, comparison shopper, problem solver, and hand holder. Not knowing what we were doing as far as plumbing selections, we came in with our twenty questions and clip book; she came back with fifty questions (our life-style, the ages of people who would live in our new home, our physical and aesthetic needs and wants). We came in with hope and ignorance: she gave us the benefit of her years of experience, her honest walk-through of models on display, her genuine interest and friendship.  She saved us thousands of dollars. Yes, really. She truly made certain we got the BEST PRICE for the best quality fixtures, from finishes to finials, from sinks to shower heads. Not only that, but she made sure we got set up with the Best Price guys, expert installers who were as professional as they were personable. Building my first home, I was on site, enthusiastic, curious, and very probably in their way. Again, they answered every question I asked with patience and humor.  When faced with pipe dimensions that were slightly off from the original plan, they were able to problem-solve on site. They were confident and competent. We have all heard stories about the effects of shoddy workmanship in new construction, plumbing contractors who take shortcuts with materials and labor and then get out of town as the new homebuilders stand ankle deep.  I have called Best Price twice since we built our home—once for a question about a hose bibb and once for a toilet that flushed slowly (in my opinion). In both incidents, Best Price had a guy out to our house in Stone Bank within hours. Problems solved. Best Price is, very simply, the best. We have friends who, unfortunately, went with other plumbing contractors in building new homes, or had their “cousin who says he can build anything” try to hook up their bathtub. I continue to refer friends and family to Best Price Plumbing. Ignorance is expensive, especially when there are unscrupulous plumbing companies out there ready to sell their inferior designer faucets for outrageous prices or send out the apprentice to the apprentice on a service call, unsupervised.  If you are not an expert in plumbing, you can trust the Best Price crew in every way. If you ARE an expert in plumbing, you already know what I’m talking about.

    Mary Jo Stone Bank
  • "We were very pleased with the personalized attention and prompt attention we were provided in selecting our plumbing fixtures and accessories. The showroom staff at Best Price Plumbing went out of her way to assist us in the selection process, and made the new home building process a lot less stressful."

    Laura B
  • We trusted Best Price with the plumbing and fixtures in our new home. Throughout the entire building process, from selection through installation and post-installation, Best Price provided expert, caring, and courteous service that made us feel like we were their only customers! We couldn’t be happier with the results and we highly recommend Best Price to anyone building or remodeling a home.

    Jeff & Brenda
  • I would highly recommend Best Price Plumbing. Their staff was very friendly, responsive, and up-to-date on the latest trends. From the initial selection of fixtures, to the final installation, we had a very positive experience. Best Price was also very responsive and quick to act on any questions or minor repairs we had after we moved in. Overall the very daunting task of selecting all the fixtures and plumbing for our new house was simplified and even made enjoyable by the staff at Best Price. Thanks again for all your help!

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